3G and 4G Modems (HSDPA, GPRS)                           ___________________________________________________________


A 4G router will securely share your internet connection on board.The new generation of LAN Modems is fast, unlocked for all European networks, and fully compatible with all computer systems (Windows, OS & Linux) .

 Port wifi                            ___________________________________________________________________

Yachtspot's functionality is similar to a broadband router. It connects to Marina wireless hotspots and shares the Internet connection between all the onboard computers. It supports an external antenna which can be mounted high on the boat to give clear line of sight to the Marina hotspot and ensure a stable connection. Yachtspot's rugged, waterproof construction guarantees reliability in the marine environment. Now available with 4G upgradeable version

    We also supply Marine WiFi hotspots, weather resistand access points and marine WiFi antennas.