Wind Alarm_____________________________________

We are happy to introduce a new Wind Alarm system that can interfaced with your existing NMEA network. Taking data from your wind sensor we can now install several alarm panels used to enter wind threshold level and cancel alarms.


See Dangers AHEAD Of Your Vessel BEFORE You Get There!

FarSounder looks ahead and displays the seafloor and in-water obstacles in three dimensions. The entire 3-D image is created with a single ping, and is updated every 2 seconds. Know the range, bearing, AND depth of all the obstacles ahead and to the side of your vessel.

Avoid Uncharted In-Water Hazards!

Many charts are based on data that is incomplete and often out of date. Stay clear of both known and uncharted hazards such as shoals, sandbars, rocks, wrecks, buoys, submerged shipping containers, and whales.

Navigate Narrow and Shallow Channels With CONFIDENCE!

Concerned about the water depth in a shallow channel? With real time depth information ahead of your vessel, FarSounder shows you where the deep water is and where the hazards are.

See The Water In a Whole New Way!

FarSounder displays the 3-D data on your computer screen in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Whether it's a rotatable 3-D image, a top-down radar-like display, or a display of the depth contours along a bearing in front of your vessel, FarSounder makes navigation so simple you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Furuno / Maxsea__________________________________________________________

Contact us to upgrade your Furuno Black Box radar with the Maxsea ECS chart plotter.
  • High resolution digital Radar overlay.
  • Display AIS & ARPA targets from Radar and easily check MMSI number, length, position, speed, CPA, and destination of acquired vessel.
  • Control up to two Radars from the computer; including Gain, Sea Clutter, Rain Clutter and presets.
  • Toggle between two Radars with a simple click of an icon.
  • Compatible with C-Map™ CM93 Charts.
  • Unlimited Routes, Waypoints and Marks.
  • Interfaced with FLIR night vision camera
  • Free Weather forecasts and oceanic data displayed directly on navigation charts.
  • 3D bathy view is the most advanced view of the ocean floor available (X7 Explorer only).
  • Personal Bathy Generator (PBG) continuously updates 3D bathy information using the ship’s depth sounder (X7 Explorer only).
  • Easy installation — a simple Ethernet cable allows MaxSea X7 to receive NavData, ARPA targets, and Radar echo without additional interfaces.