• Marine grade speakers and subwoofers
  • TV pop-up lifts
  • Plasma & LCD flat screens
  • Wall mount brackets
  • Linn multi-room audio systems
  • iSky mac based entertainment system
  • Audio and video storage
  • Universal remote controls
  • Wall mount remotes
  • Touchscreens
  • Satellite TV antennas
  • Mac xserve music and DVD server
  • Niles Audio Multizone Amps
  • iPad mini docking station
  • Wireless iPad docking station (induction charger)

   New this month :
Denon rackmount BluRay DVD Player

The new Denon DVD player is a Profile 2.0 BD player complete with an Ethernet port for BD-Live functionality and firmware updates. In addition to standard Blu-ray discs, the DN-V500BD is capable of playing back a myriad of formats including AVCHD and DivX HD video files which are native to many of today’s camcorders.

At the heart of the DN-V500BD is Anchor Bay Technologies VRS processing which upscales standard DVDs to full 1080p / 24f output for far better standard definiton video playback. Dolby Plus, Dolby TureHD and DTS HD Master audio are all supported and can be output through the DN-V500BD’s HDMI, digital audio, or unbalanced analog audio outputs. Controlling the DN-V500BD can be accomplished using the included IR remote control or via its RS-232c serial interface.

   Video over CAT5 :

Our video over CAT5 adapters allow you to send video, audio and infrared signals over ethernet cable. This is a compact unit similar to an Ethernet hub. It performs the dual function of video/audio distribution from a Master device to multiple Slave devices, and of returning remote control information from the Slave devices to the Master. We have standalone and rack-mount systems with S-video and HDMI inputs.

   Desktop docking station :

Tired of messy docking station with visible cables ? Contact us to tidy up your install and fit flush mount iPod docking station. We have both desktop and in-wall version (see below)