4K TV   ____________________________________________________________________________

Four times the detail of Full HD

4K Ultra HD delivers depth and clarity you’ve never seen before on a TV screen. With four times the detail of Full HD – that’s a resolution of 8 million pixels – the picture is so smooth it makes everything appear more lifelike.

Russound Multiroom   _________________________________________________________________

Music anywhere you want it, at the touch of a button. That’s what you get with a Russound CAS44 home music system. Classical in the bedroom, rock in the den and salsa in the kitchen. A multiroom system for everyone that delivers music to match your mood and a cost to fit your wallet.

Adjust the bass, treble, balance, loudness and volume from elegantly designed keypad options for one-touch control of home audio. The system supports up to three keypads per zone, available in five colors, that fit perfectly in any Decora® plate.

The CAS44 can be daisy-chained, easily expanding to eight zones for larger homes or budgets. Its dedicated remote control, the CAS-RC, includes extensive IR device codes and learning capabilities, making control of the system as simple as pressing a button.

With advanced features, simplified programming and audio playback adjustments, the new CAS44 offers exceptional value and straightforward operation for multiroom audio made easy.

iPure Thin Edge Plasma_________________________________________________________________

This piece of art is beautiful and robust, containing not only incredible looks but also very thin edges. It is off the chart of what has been introduced in the past in the mainstream plasma TV market. The thin frame design allows to fit this 40 inch display in the space occupied by an old 32 inch CRT TV. This HD Ready display is the perfect companion for a Sky HD Digibox and a Mac Mini entertainment system, it is fully compatible with our iSky remote widget.

Satellite TV receivers__________________________________________________________________

We carry a full range of satellite receivers for Sky, Platforma, Canal+ etc. Our sat TV receivers can be rack mounted and come with Ethernet or Coax cable distribution. Our iSky system is fully compatible with TCP/IP video distribution.