BNWAS (Bridge Alarm) _____________________________________________________________________________________

Navgard™ is a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) specifically designed to comply with SOLAS Regulation V/19 as amended by MSC.282(86) requiring a BNWAS to be installed on all new and existing ships. The system also meets the requirements of the performance standards set out by MSC.128(75) & IEC 62616.

The Navgard™ system comprises of either a bulkhead-mounted or console mounted control panel with an onboard PIR (Passive Infra-Red) movement detector. The system is modular to accommodate any bridge size and layout with additional PIRs and/or manual resets both inside the bridge and weatherproof versions for the bridge wings.

Approved By All Major Classification Societies - See list
MED Approved (LR)
Easiest, Quickest & Lowest Cost System to Install - GUARANTEED!
2-Year Warranty - Built To Last on Your Ships
ON/OFF & Alarm Logging + Password Protected Switch Off
'Dual Tech' Motion Sensor - Prevent False Reset
Built-in Central Motion Detector with 10m Range
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Compliant With Lloyd's Register Requirements

For vessels under Lloyd’s Register classification, the system is also available with just manual reset functionality rather than PIRs to meet with LR Type Approval requirements

Ship CAD Drawings _____________________________________________________________________________________

We can now  upply a complete survey service, capturing hull, superstructure and internal layout and reverse engineering it to CAD models. Ideal for classic yachts with no or old drawings.

FirePro Aerosol Fire Extinguisher _____________________________________________________________________________________

All Firepro Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Generators use the latest generation of the stable SBK aerosol forming solid compound (containing no pyrotechnic substances).
*(It does not contain pyrotechnic materials such as nitro-guanidine or nitro-cellulose).

Upon activation the solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on Potassium salts.

FirePro Marine Type Approvals

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  2. ECB – European Certification Bureau Netherlands, No. K21774/01, dated July 17 2001.
  3. ECB - Final Inspection Report, Ref. CFG-0593, dated 13/07/2001.
  4. Danish Maritime Authority, Type of Approval certificate, September 20 2002.
  5. Danish Maritime Authority Type Approval Certificate 1999/25855 dated 10-11-2003.
  6. Swedish Maritime Safety Inspectorate, Cert. No. 070202-04-15563, dated 2004-06-08.
  7. The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate, Cert. No. IV-D5/2004.0074, dated 20.09.04.
  8. Norwegian Maritime Directorate, Cert. No. 200416148-9/556, dated 11.01.2005.
  9. Certificate of Inspection and Tests issued by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Ref.: MS 22/3/910 dated 22nd November 2005.
  10. Croatian Register of Shipping, Type Approval Certificate No.01-005013/013911, dated 18th April 2006.
  11. The Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate, Cert. No. IVW-06JU000524, dated 02.11.06, protection of machinery spaces up to 500 m3 net content.
  12. The Netherlands Inspector-General Transport and Water management Inspectorate, dated 02.11.06, protection of machinery spaces up to 500 m3 net content.
  13. The Icelandic Maritime Administration, Cert. No. 506.001.02, dated 13.10.07.
  14. RINA, Registry of Italian Navy, Italy, Approval Certificate FPE362207CS, January 08 2008.

Portable thermal imaging cameras for yacht and tender security _______________________________

The FLIR H-Series are handheld shock-resistant thermal imaging cameras. They produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. Thanks to the H-Series you can see in total darkness, through fog and rain.The H-Series are excellent tools for crew that need to secure yachts and tenders and all others that need to see what is happening in total darkness, in all weather conditions.

Vessel Alarm and Monitoring _________________________________________________________________________

We can supply simple stand-alone vessel monitoring equipment or fully integrated system automation. The modular technology allows for flexibility scalability, and simplified upgrades. Approved by some of the major Classification Societies, the alarm system can be applied to any type of yacht. All ship alarms can be displayed on several workstation. The crew can access accurate information at any time. The system can also be interfaced with our GSM Alarm system and CCTV network.

GSM Alarm _______________________________________________________________________________________

Our GSM boat alarm integrates with you existing ship monitoring system. Simply connect the unit to general alarm output and you will receive a SMS when the alarm is triggered. You also receive a SMS when the alarm is acknowledged by a crew member. With 2 ON/OFF inputs, the alarm informs by SMS message of activation of each wired sensor.

CCTV cameras ___________________________________________________________________________________

The use of CCTV on yachts is a cost effective and safe way to monitor any area of a ship. By use of motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom-cameras, large deck areas can be watched from a single remote controlled camera. Our systems can have use Ip and analog camera at the same time.

CCTV Monitors____________________________________________________________________________________

We can supply a full range of CCTV monitors (desktop, wall mount, 19" rack). Our monitors can be ordered with analog CCTV inputs to replace old CRT monitors.

Searchlight System____________________________________________________________________________________

The ACR Searchlight System contains a narrow beam searchlight that produces high peak candle power by combining halogen lamps with a unique optical quality parabolic reflector. All functions of the Searchlight can be electrically operated by remote control from the pilot area of the vessel using the control pad or even better from an integrated bridge panel. Contact us to discuss the design of a single film bridge panel incorporating buttons for searchlights, wipers, horn, bow thrusters, etc.


The Sea Vision camera system  is designed to ensure a day and night automatic detection and tracking of any dangerous object or craft approaching from the hull to 1000 m, large vessel up to 4500 m. Thermal infrared cameras are spread around the vessel in strategic positions so that a panoramic view with no blind spot is obtained. The data is displayed on a computer or radar display. Combined with Seetrac for the perfect tender identification system. The system can be interfaced with our CCTV recorder to keep a record of events.

This system represents a technological revolution for safety and security at sea. It is an innovative idea based both on permanent day and night all-round camera watch and the simultaneous recording and automatic processing of images taken in a constantly moving environment. “Automatic Sea Vision” (ASV) is designed to complement human visual watch and to replace it, particularly in difficult conditions (at night, in fog, etc), where the vigilance of a human eye can sometimes fail. This is where ASV comes into play, its eye is infallible, as piercing as a hawk’s: any dangerous or suspect sea approach to the vessel is detected, whether while sailing or at mooring, therefore reinforcing safety and security


Sentinel is a third generation sonar system designed specifically for underwater security. Compact and easily deployed, the Sentinel head is only 30cm in diameSentinel IDS® is a new Intruder Detection Sonar designed to counter the threat of underwater attacks against naval and merchant ships, large yachts, harbours, coastal industrial installations and offshore oil platforms. Its introduction follows a major investment in engineering and acoustic technology by Sonardyne, a recognised world leader in the design, development and support of underwater acoustic navigation, positioning and communications solutions. Sentinel has been developed by some of the most experienced high frequency sonar designers in the world.


Through a system of weights and adjustable-length straps, you set up the Dockline with the appropriate spaces between mooring points.  Each mooring point has a float and a snap-shackle so it’s easy to connect each toy to it’s respective location, free and clear of the stern AND every other toy.  The mooring points float so they’re easy to see and hook into.  All the tether lines are six feet under water so they don’t present a hazard to other toys and/or swimmers. Simply connect the line to the stern of your vessel and let the rest float out with one line on your cleat. 


Seetrac Tender Tracking, a Safety and Security System, providing Real-Time location and identification of watercraft. Available with leading Electronic Chart System providers : Transas, Nobeltec, Kongsberg, PC Maritime and soon to be others. A comprehensive range of marine-tracking products to allow users peace of mind when tenders and jet-skis take to the open water.

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The Evrsafe Integrated Safety System is a proactive toxic gas detection system.

The ISS1040 sensors are installed in various areas of the boat, including the helm, engine room, galley and bedrooms. All sensors are connected back to the central processing unit (CPU), which incorporates a LCD display showing readouts from individual sensors. The processor is comparatively sophisticated in relation to other systems on the market, in that it is able to detect and measure a variety of toxic gases, including CO, nitrogen dioxide (generated by diesel engines), hydro carbons, LPG, butane and smoke.

Once a toxic gas has been detected, the ISS1040 CPU will alert the crew and passengers, via audio and visual displays, where the gas has been detected before it can reach dangerous levels.. The type of gas detected is also displayed on the LCD display, with the levels in parts per million, it also indicates whether the levels are increasing or decreasing. The EVRsafe ISS1040 CPU can audibly warn the crew with spoken commands, instructing them to open specific hatches or vents to remove or disperse harmful gases. If contamination increases to dangerous levels, the CPU is also able to switch external equipment, such as generators, fans and pumps, on or off to bring air quality back to acceptable levels.