Management Companies Product Portfolio

Here are some products and services specifically designed for Management Companies :

IDEA Vessel Management Software :
We have two IDEA trained engineers to support and assist you from our offices in La Ciotat and Antibes. IDEA is an essential tool to ensure that information is not lost after crew changes.  VIO is an easily understood and user-friendly programm that greatly simplifies the management and monitoring of the myriad technical functions now standard on sophisticated modern yachts. Thougthful menus guide you through the program, which even enable someone, who is not computer literate, to use this powerful system. Make sure that you have a copy of the software at your office to access all the vessel inventory, account and preventive maintenance data. Contact us to organise data entry before and during any refit.

Maintenance Database                                                                                      Preventive Maintenance Module

Flexible Short term combined 3G/VSAT contracts (no commitment!!!) :
Contact us to terminate your existing VSAT contract and benefit from our short term broadband internet scheme. Combined 3G and VSAT, no minimum contract duration ! Designed for Management Companies exclusively, the "Fleet dedicated" package gives you the opportunity to run your dedicated bandwidth and share it between your own customers. Your yachts will not be sharing bandwidth with unknown vessels and you can optimise the usage of the data.

We have just signed a contract with a management company for a 3 megabit dedicated VSAT transponder. The bandwidth is allocated to each individual yacht by the fleet manager.

For more  specific information and price simulations contact us at

Spare Parts Inventory :
Help your Yachts before they depart to the Carribean & make sure they carry the essentials parts before they sail to their winter destinations and can start their charter without any bad surprises.

Suggested spares for smart engineers include :
  • Satellite TV multiswitch
  • Satellite TV LNBs,
  • Satellite TV receiver
  • Ethernet Hub
  • 3G USB Modem (unlocked to all continents)
  • External USB hard disk
  • UPS batteries
  • VSAT iDirect modem

Sky mac audio/video system :
Surely you have seen or heard about iSky now. This distributed Mac Entertainment system's strenght relies on its brand new technology integration and modularity and can be installed in conjonction with an existing Audio Video system onboard. The latest version of our iSky system include TV over Ethernet support, full iPod remote support, crew call button on iPod, HD and Blu-Ray DVD compatibility. Visit our iSky web site for more information and screen shots ( or email us for a full demonstration and price simulation.


Our IP-TV platform enables our clients to watch their favorite satellite TV channels wherever they are. It is now possible to watch Sky TV in the Caribbean and DirectTV in the Med through your VSAT terminal or your WiFi connection. We have a number of proven solutions, please contact us for details.

  • Live satellite TV via VSAT, WiFi or 3G connection
  • Store & Forward (time zone independent, watch your programs when you want)
  • Remote Editing (remove commercials before sending files).
  • Recordings available on server for weeks
  • Compatible with all Satellite TV systems
  • Many channels offer EPG recording
  • Compatible with  Apple Frontrow media player
  • Requires iSky Widget Version 1.4
  • Satellite TV receiver with Firewire interface
  • iLife video editing software
  • EyeTV 3 software licence
  • Compatible with all satellite systems including Freesat, French TNT, etc.

Transas Operator Training :
We will be organising Transas training sessions in cooperation with Transas over the winter. Please contact us to book now and ensure that your clients master the electronic chart system.